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A list of running backs making more money than Jamaal Charles this year

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

There is a report that Jamaal Charles will holdout from training camp but there are other reports that say the Kansas City Chiefs expect him to show up. Wednesday is the day the veterans report for training camp and Thursday is the first practice, so we will know very soon whether he holds out.

We all agree, here on this Chiefs blog, that Jamaal is a top three running back, right? Jamaal, Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy are my top three. Look at the list of the top paid running backs for 2014 and see which one of these is unlike the other.

Players making more money than Jamaal this year

*Figures come via Over The Cap

Adrian Peterson ($12 million)

Jonathan Stewart ($8.285 million)

LeSean McCoy ($8 million)

Matt Forte ($6.9 million)

Frank Gore ($6.45 million)

Arian Foster ($6.25 million)

Marshawn Lynch ($5.5 million)

Joique Bell ($4.3 million)

Toby Gerhart ($4 million)

Donald Brown ($4 million)

Chris Johnson ($4 million)

Ray Rice ($4 million)

Darren Sproles ($4 million)

Jamaal Charles ($3.9 million ... the 14th highest paid RB in 2014)

Players with a higher average per year than Jamaal

Adrian Peterson ($14.38 million)

LeSean McCoy ($9 million)

Arian Foster ($8.7 million)

Matt Forte ($7.6 million)

Marshawn Lynch ($7.5 million)

Jonathan Stewart ($7.3 million)

Ray Rice ($7 million)

Frank Gore ($6.4 million)

Jamaal Charles ($5.4 million ... 9th highest average per year)


Yeah, he probably needs a new deal.

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