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Chiefs' Frankie Hammond explains the value of the practice squad

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How does the practice squad help a player? A second-year KC Chiefs receiver explained.

Frankie Hammond Jr. has been with the Kansas City Chiefs since last year but not many of you may know his name. He spent the season on the practice squad so fans didn't get to see him every week. But Hammond explained that the practice squad "helped a lot" in his development last year.

"I get to focus more on the playbook and it takes off the pressure because you are not actually going to the games and playing in the game from that Sunday so it is a little extra time to just develop and focus in on things because you may see things," Hammond said on Tuesday. "You can try different things without worrying about, ‘What if I get that wrong?' So it lets me try inside releases, outside releases and see how that goes because I've got room for error and see how that works out and kind of play with things and see how it works out."

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Hammond also said that, in Andy Reid's offense, you have to learn all the positions. In addition, the West Coast Offense includes a lot of verbiage in the play calls, which can be hard to understand, especially if you're coming from a school (Florida) that had some play calls that were just one word.

Hammond looks like one of the top players at camp in this early portion with the rookies, quarterbacks and select first-year players. He has worked mostly this season at slot but has also moved around a little bit this week. He is in the competition at slot with Junior Hemingway, Weston Dressler and others.

He has the speed that Andy Reid likes and seems generally reliable. Playing against other rookies and first-year players, Hammond has managed to stand out at times, which is a good sign.