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Will the Kansas City Chiefs carry four quarterbacks in 2014?

With the Kansas City Chiefs 2014 training camp schedule kicking off soon, we are previewing the KC Chiefs 2014 roster by position. Up today are the quarterbacks.

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The players

Alex Smith, Chase Daniel, Tyler Bray, Aaron Murray

Alex Smith is the only sure-fire lock in this group. Aaron Murray probably is. There are varying opinions on the other two.

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What's changed

Aaron Murray is what's changed. He is the new addition to the roster. Murray was the Chiefs fifth round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. That's a high enough pick that they're likely to keep him on the roster and not the practice squad.

The rest has stayed the same since last year. Remember that last season was a complete overhaul at quarterback -- every player was new.

The big question

Will the Chiefs carry four quarterbacks? The consequence here being Tyler Bray. If the Chiefs carry four, Bray makes the team. If they don't, my money would be on the Chiefs keeping Daniel and Murray ahead of him. Andy Reid doesn't have much of a history carrying four quarterbacks so I'm inclined to say no here. But if Reid thinks Bray could be worth something down the road, it's an option worth exploring.

Best case scenario

Alex Smith plays the first 15 games and Chase Daniel comes in for Week 17 after the Chiefs have clinched a playoff spot. Sorta like last year! Smith didn't suffer any injuries of note so Daniel didn't take any snaps until Week 17. The best case would be Smith playing well and staying healthy.

The backup quarterback seems to be the most popular man in town when things aren't going well with the starter. The Chiefs hope Daniel doesn't have an opportunity to become very popular (and so do KU fans).

Worst case scenario

Smith suffering anything more than a 2-3 game injury would be potentially devastating to the Chiefs, who may not have a large margin for error this season.

Daniel has shown he can step in and win a game for the Chiefs as he did in Week 17 last year vs. the Chargers (yes, I'm ignoring the small detail that they actually lost that game ... but they should've won). But with how much Andy Reid asks of the quarterback in his offense, it's not fair -- to Daniel or Smith -- to expect the Chiefs offense to operate as efficiently with a new quarterback thrown in there.

Random Facts

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