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Kansas City Chiefs should keep training camp in St. Joe

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The KC Chiefs will soon be facing a decision about the future of their training camp location.

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The KC Chiefs are entering the fifth year of their five-year guaranteed deal to hold training camp at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri. The original deal included five guaranteed years in St. Joe followed by a series of five one-year options for the Chiefs to keep camp somewhere in Missouri.

That means the Chiefs are going to be facing a decision on the future of their camp. KCTV-5 reported last week that they'll make a decision by the first week of camp; the KC Star reported via a Missouri Western spokesperson that the Chiefs have until December 1 to decide.

The Chiefs previously held training camp in River Falls, Wisconsin. The weather may be nicer farther north but St. Joe is a better option because more fans can attend training camp.

But is St. Joe the best option for Chiefs camp?

The huge downside to staying home for camp is that it's possible it wouldn't be completely open to the public like it is at Missouri Western.

"I'll leave that up to [team president] Mark [Donovan] and [team owner] Clark [Hunt]," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Sunday from St. Joe. "They do all that part of it, the negotiation part. The people here have been phenomenal. So I'm not involved in the other part of that. We sure have enjoyed it."

Reid has repeatedly praised the job Missouri Western has done as their host.

"Obviously, the people here at Missouri Western are phenomenal," Reid said. "They take great care of us. Coming in last year as a new staff we appreciated the hospitality, the way they went about business and how they always seemed like they were always one step ahead of us. It was a tremendous camp and we look forward to it again this year."

During his time in Philly, Andy Reid went away to camp at LeHigh University. The first year post-Reid, the Eagles brought camp back to Philly.

Many teams these days are moving back home and holding camp at their own facility. For the Chiefs, that would be holding it at their practice facility next to Arrowhead. The huge downside to doing camp at home is that it's possible it wouldn't be completely open to the public like it is at Missouri Western. That's mostly a space issue but it's a big, big drawback to having camp at home.

Despite the daily 50-minute drive (which sucks), I do think the Chiefs should keep camp in St. Joe.