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Chiefs training camp 2014: The pads can come on this Saturday

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Saturday is the first day the rules allow the KC Chiefs to tackle and wear pads.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have started the early portion of training camp but they're not wearing full pads yet so it doesn't completely feel like football. Teams can not wear pads or have live contact for the first three days of training camp. For the Chiefs, that three-day countdown begins on Wednesday when the other veterans arrive.

Wednesday is arrival day for the veterans and will include physicals, meetings and classroom work. The Chiefs will then practice on Thursday and Friday, the first two public practices of camp. Those practices will not include live contact nor pads.

By Saturday, the Chiefs will be allowed to have pads on and start hitting. That's good timing, too, because that is Family Fun Day, one of the best days of training camp. I can't tell you for sure whether Reid will have them in pads on Saturday but that's the first day the rules say he can.

Former Chiefs coaches Romeo Crennel and Todd Haley did not generally have live hitting during their practices, likely for fear of injury. But Andy Reid does allow tackling at his camps.

"Well, it's been successful that's the reason why I do it," Reid said Sunday of his physical training camps. "I still believe a big part of the game is blocking and tackling and so we are going to do those things. And we're going to have periods that are live.

"There are a lot of new rules and regulations that go into this and it gives the players a chance to go work those full speed. Whether it's eliminating the head from your tackle, well let's go work on that. Let's go tackle with your shoulder and get a feel for that. We had some things in there about staying off of the knees, we aren't going to cut block. We're not going to do those things you might do in a game. Well, we don't cut the knees. But we stay away from the cutting in this camp. We are still getting our work in but we take care of each other."

Training camp practices that include live tackling is way better than ones that don't for obvious reasons.