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Chiefs' Andy Reid not into joint practices because he doesn't want to give anything away

The Chiefs will not be doing joint practices while under Andy Reid.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

When the Kansas City Chiefs held training camp in River Falls, Wisconsin, they had joint practices and scrimmages with the Minnesota Vikings because the Vikings training camp was nearby. The Chiefs quit doing that in 2009 (Ed. note: But briefly picked it back in 2012 with the Cardinals) and you shouldn't expect to see that while under Andy Reid either.

The Chiefs head coach was asked about having joint practice sessions with another team while at training camp.

"I've just never been that big on that," Reid said Sunday in St. Joseph, the site of the Chiefs training camp since 2010. "A lot of teams do it. A lot of successful teams do it. I really don't want to give anybody anything that I don't have to give. There's already enough of this right here." Reid motioned to the media when he said that last part. We laughed.

The successful teams that do it include the New England Patriots, who seem to have a joint practice every year. It makes sense to me why you would want to do it -- it's real, live competition against someone you haven't been lining up against every day in practice.

The downside, as Reid says, is that you don't want to give away any of your own secrets.

I'm not an NFL coach (yet) but I would lean toward having joint practices. You could vanilla up the offense for a couple of days so you're not giving away your secrets. It would be a nice gauge of where some of your own players are midway through training camp.

Selfishly, a joint practice would be more fun to write about, too.

Are you in favor of joint practices?

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