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Aaron Murray doesn't even think about his injured knee anymore

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Aaron Murray had ACL surgery last November but he says he doesn't even think about the injury on his knee anymore.

If you were wondering if Aaron Murray is 100 percent, you can stop wondering. He is. Murray talked to the media after arriving at KC Chiefs training camp and said a number of times that his knee is fine right now.

Here are a sampling of quotes from him on his knee:

  • "The knee is great. It really has been feeling fantastic. Minicamp and OTAs went awesome. I didn't have any problems with the knee or any limitations."
  • "It's full go. There's no hesitation, there's no second thought. It's go out there, react, play and make the completions."
  • "It's not one of those big bulky braces that offensive linemen wear so it's nothing that's going to hinder me in my ability to make plays."
  • "I haven't thought about it in the past, probably, two or three months. All through minicamp and OTAs, there was no thinking about the knee or worrying about someone rolling into me or getting into the open field and making a move on it. It feels natural right now."

Well, that's good.

Here are a few more quotes from Murray:

On dorm life: "It's been a while since I've been in a dorm but it's not too bad at all. The good thing is we don't have roommates so you don't have to worry about if your roommate snores or gets into your food."

The must-have items in a dorm: "A fan. And a nice comforter. I just went to Target and both of those."

On the other quarterbacks: "They've been nothing but helpful when it comes tot he playbook, my footwork and understanding the concepts. They've been tremendous like that."

Whether he watches more film in the NFL or college: "About the same. I was a film rat in college. I thought that helped me become successful."

On his Bachelorette appearance:: "I thought it went well. I had a little shaky toast at dinner but other than that it was interesting. I was getting text messages from a bunch of the guys about it making fun of me but it was fun." (See pictures of his Bachelorette appearance here)

On learning Andy Reid's offense: "It's pretty tough. The verbiage is the toughest part. Just getting the play from the coach and spitting it out in the huddle to the guys can be challenging."

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