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Kansas City Chiefs are worth over $1 billion, according to Forbes

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According to Forbes, the Kansas City Chiefs are worth $1.009 billion.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Forbes Magazine has released its latest report of the 50 most valuable sports franchises, and the Kansas City Chiefs are ranked at No. 33 overall with a total valuation of $1.009 billion. Forbes recently listed the entire Hunt family as the 13th most wealthy family in the country. It's important to note that these are just estimates, not exact valuations.

The ranking is a bit lower than last year's No. 30, but the value has grown from $1.008 billion. Last year's success and recent renovations of Arrowhead Stadium certainly play a part in the growth in value as well as the overwhelming popularity of the NFL.

Soccer and the NFL (or football and football) are responsible for the majority of the top 10 on Forbes list, with only the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees breaking up the party. Real Madrid is ranked No. 1 overall with a valuation of $3.44 billion. The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable NFL team at $2.3 billion. Other top ten NFL teams include the New England Patriots, Washington Redskins, and New York Giants.

As for the rest of the AFC West, the Denver Broncos are No. 25 with a $1.161 billion valuation and the San Diego Chargers are No. 41 at $949 million. The Oakland Raiders were one of two teams who did not make the top 50.

See the full list here.