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Another Von Miller comparison for Kansas City Chiefs LB Dee Ford

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KC Chiefs rookie LB Dee Ford can add another Von Miller comparison to his collection.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is starting back up and that doesn't just include the NFL. The college side of things is ramping up with SEC media days. Texas A&M OT Cedric Ogbuehi was asked by the media who was the toughest player to block he faced last season.

If you read the headline to this post, you know what the answer is: Dee Ford.

"He was kind of like Von (Miller) a little bit," Ogbuehi said, per "He had a good burst off the edge and he had power, too. He was a really good player."

This is not the first Von Miller comparison for Dee Ford, who received one from new teammate Joe Mays earlier this offseason.

"That guy is explosive," Mays said last month. "He's quick off the ball. He kinda reminds me of Von Miller with the way that he gets off the ball and gets around the offensive linemen. He's a freak man. He knows how to work angles and uses his hands real well. He can bend and do all types of stuff you don't see in the everyday pass rushers. Definitely ‘as advertised'."

Since we're talking comparisons, I may as well throw in this quote from Chiefs LB Tamba Hali.

"If anybody reminds you of Derrick Thomas, that kid should pretty much remind you of Derrick Thomas' first step," Hali said. "He gets off the ball so fast, it's scary. I just kept rewinding it yesterday just looking at his first step and it's almost like as soon as the ball snaps, he's with it. I don't know if he times it, but his first step is incredible."

DT comparison? Check.

Von Miller comparison? Check. Check.

While we're here, read this excellent film review of Dee Ford.