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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 7/16

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Good morning! Here is your Kansas City Chiefs News. Enjoy.

Jamie Squire

Chiefs Weekly: Top Social Posts from The Mothership

  • The Chiefs are looking for the "Voice of the Kingdom" to sing the National Anthem at Arrowhead Stadium. READ MORE.
  • Rockhurst High School football players are representing the Chiefs in Indianapolis this week.READ MORE.
  • The Chiefs recently donated a number of items to Operation Breakthrough. READ MORE.
  • Aaron Murray shared his confessions for the 2014 season in this edition of "Rookie Confessional."

Gridiron Chronicles: A Drink From The Fire Hose from The Mothership

Who am I? First and foremost I'm a father and husband...

...Second I am a Soldier and an Officer in the U.S. Army. I started off as a door-kicking infantryman and have switched over to Information Operations, which is a staff officer whose job is to align actions, words, and images to create an outcome for the commander. In a way this is similar to being a political campaign manager. Ultimately I bring my trade and experience to become an integral part of the Chiefs marketing, game day production, and analytics teams. Video: Press Conference: Allen Wright

FOX 4KC Video: There's No Such Thing As Over-Packing When The Chiefs Load Up Trucks For Training Camp

KCTV5 Video: Kansas City Chiefs Begin Packing For Training Camp

KMBC Video: Chiefs Move Gear To St. Joseph For Training Camp Video: What To Expect In The AFC West

Chiefs Packed, Ready For Training Camp from Chiefs Spin

"This is the 33rd (year) and it's pretty exciting," Wright said Tuesday of the move. "This is Year Two for (Chiefs coach) Andy (Reid) and his crew, so we have a little more idea of what to expect."

...the logistics of the modern football era pale in comparison to what Wright dealt with 33 years ago.

"In the early 1980s, we had 12 coaches and today we have 22," he said. "We have 90 players and the detail that we go to for the individual players now vs. back then.

"Back then, we had helmet, shoulder pads, shoes, knee pads, thigh pads and a bag. Today we have tight-fit tights. We have different colors. We have different style gloves for different conditions. Just the whole process has grown."

The ability to adapt suits Wright, who said he's worked with nine different head coaches during his time with the Chiefs.

Shutdown Countdown: Kansas City Chiefs Challenged To Repeat 2013 from Yahoo! Sports

The Chiefs then were the losers of free agency. Yes, they deserved the worst grade of all 32 teams. In the first 90 minutes of free agency the Chiefs lost five key players - tackle Branden Albert, guardsJon Asamoah and Geoff Schwartz, defensive end Tyson Jackson and receiver-returner Dexter McCluster. They would later lose cornerback Brandon Flowers and safeties Quintin Demps and Kendrick Lewis, all probable starters on their new teams. But Kansas City made up for it by signing ... well, not much. Guard Jeff Linkenbach was a part-time starter with the Colts, as was cornerback Chris Owens with the DolphinsVance Walker was a solid defensive tackle for the Raiders. Those are the main players the Chiefs added. Oh, and they had no second-round draft pick thanks to the trade for quarterback Alex Smith last year.

Young Player To Watch: TE Demetrius Harris from ESPN

Much depends on the ailing knee of Travis Kelce. If Kelce is unable to practice or is otherwise limited, Harris could get plenty of opportunities. He will need more time before he becomes a well-rounded player, one who is capable of playing in all situations.

On-Time Camp Appearance For LB Justin Houston Doesn't Mean All Is Well With Pro Bowler And Chiefs from Yahoo! Sports

Will two-time Pro Bowl linebacker Justin Houston be in attendance when the Kansas City Chiefs are scheduled to report to training camp on July 23? The short answer: he almost assuredly will be.

But after skipping all team activities during the offseason - including OTAs and mini-camp - and accruing nearly $70,000 in fines along the way, it would be wise to view Houston's camp appearance as the next logical step toward becoming a free agent at season's end, not an affirmation of his commitment to the team.

Giants, Chiefs Among Toughest Teams To Read Heading Into Camp from

The Kansas City Chiefs had that huge bounce last season to get into the playoffs, but now what? I think Alex Smith, who is in the last year of his contract, is more than just a capable game manager at quarterback, but does the team view him as the long-term guy? Outside of running back Jamaal Charles and receiver Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs don't seem to have the types of playmakers that are usually needed for a team to make a deep playoff run -- or do they? Defensively, there are some studs; outside linebacker Dee Ford is going to shock a lot of folks with the impact he can have as a rookie. However, this unit fell apart last season after getting hit with a few injuries. Kansas City also parted ways with cornerback Brandon Flowers, who is going to be a huge help for AFC West foe San Diego.

Who Was The Toughest Pass Rusher Texas A&M's Cedric Ogbuehi Faced Last Year? from

Texas A&M's Cedric Ogbuehi, expected to be one of the top offensive tackles in the country this fall, was asked at SEC Media Days which of the defensive players that he faced last year was the toughest to block.

His answer? Auburn's Dee Ford.

15 Regular Season NFL Games Watched By More People Than The World Cup Final from Businessweek

Soccer now sits above the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, golf, Nascar, college football, and college basketball in terms of peak audience over the past year. The World Cup lags only the most-viewed events from the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games-and many, many National Football League games, including these 15 contests during the 2013 regular season.

Paul Tagliabue's Post-9/11 Correspondence from MMQB

Firemen's boots would be passed through the crowd at every game, to collect money from every crowd for the 9/11 fund for the victims' families. In Kansas City, the defending NFC champion Giants would be coming to town to play the underdog Chiefs-two lion owners, Clark Hunt of the Chiefs and Mara of the Giants-facing off in an emotional game. Hunt said he would match whatever money was stuffed into the hundreds of firemen's boots during the game. College students in shorts and T-shirts threw in twenties. Kids who knew the plan that day brought their piggy-bank money; one dumped in $54 of change. Fans were told to arrive early, and they did. Because before the game, the new NFL mandated security was in force: Every one of the 78,000 fans was security-checked on the way into the stadium.

The heartland hates big, bad New York, mostly. That day, when the New York Giants jogged onto the Arrowhead Stadium turf for warmups, every fan in the place rose. Standing ovation.

Journey Brought It 'Any Way You Want It' Last Night At Starlight from The Pitch

The first came when Schon played a solo Hendrix-inspired take on AOR staple John Stafford Smith's "The Star-Spangled Banner." Don't worry, Kansas City did not fail to chime in with "Home of the Chiefs" at the appropriate point. Also, it cannot go unsaid that when Schon has his sunglasses on, he bears an uncanny resemblance to Grinders' Stretch.