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Kansas City Chiefs' Mike Catapano getting bigger, too

KC Chiefs Mike Catapano is another member of the Chiefs defensive line who is putting on weight.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The Kansas City Chiefs defensive ends seem to be getting bigger this offseason.

First it was Allen Bailey who came in with looking bigger. He has regularly been taking first team snaps at defensive end and told Fox Sports Sean Keeler earlier this offseason that he's over 300 pounds. Most recently Bailey was listed at 288 pounds.

Now it's Mike Catapano. He was the one who I took one look at this offseason and thought to myself, "He's definitely bigger." It was obvious just looking at him. He was most recently listed at 270 pounds, which surely wasn't accurate.

According to this Instagram post from Catapano's training, he is 297 pounds.

I believe it. There's no question he's gotten bigger this offseason. Both he and Bailey want to play more and to do so they need to be able to rush the passer and play the run. They had the speed to rush the passer in certain packages last season but this year they needed to put on weight to hopefully stay on the field more often.

Mike DeVito said during the offseason program that he too changed his diet so that he can play more on passing downs. "I have to get right," DeVito said in April. "I have a specific thing that I'm good at but the way the games are being played I need to work harder so I can contribute and get my butt out on the field."

(H/T Nigerian Nightmare in the FanShots)

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