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Andre Johnson's situation with Texans feels similar to Tony Gonzalez and the Chiefs

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Remember Tony Gonzalez's exit from the Chiefs? The situation with Andre Johnson in Houston is similar.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans star receiver Andre Johnson may want to play for another team. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports that Johnson told the Texans that he wants to play for a new team and four teams have expressed interest in a trade.

To answer your first question -- whether the Chiefs will sign him -- my first reaction is probably not. He's due a good chunk of change. The Chiefs have cut players partially for financial reasons this offseason just to get to the point where they're are (almost $10 million in cap space). The Chiefs have leaned towards going younger since they inherited the roster.

What really fascinates me about this situation is how similar it is to the Tony Gonzalez situation with the Chiefs a few years ago. Tony G., who had been with the Chiefs 12 seasons, wanted out. Usually when a player holds out, the fan base ultimately ends up blaming the player (but say nothing when the team cuts a player with years left on his contract). The exception to this rule is when you're really great or really beloved. Tony G. was both of those things so you saw a dynamic where a large portion of the fan base understood his reasons for wanting to leave.

Tony G. eventually got his wish. The Chiefs traded him to the Falcons in exchange for a second round pick. If you remember, that was a higher pick than many thought they would get for Tony G. so it lessened the blow.

The question of the day is whether Andre Johnson, who has been with the Texans for 11 seasons, will get his wish, too.