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NFL players gush about Chiefs' Jamaal Charles, voted 8th best player in the NFL

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NFL Network's top 100 players list revealed Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles as the 8th best player in the NFL. Watch the video of Charles section on the list. Read on for a list of quotes from other NFL players on Charles.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers CB Brandon Flowers

  • "Jamaal Charles might be the top player to be honest with you because so much of [their] offense goes through this guy."
  • "He can grind you for 10, grind you for eight, come back and hit 15 yards. He can bust it from 80."

Bills DT Kyle Williams

  • "When he gets the ball out in the open, you better have a lot of guys get to him in a hurry or he's going to do some damage."
  • "We played them earlier this year. The zone scheme and the stretch scheme they run with him, it's hard to get any better at doing that than him."
  • "He can get skinny and put his pads down and get the tough yards for them when they need it."

Colts LB D'Qwell Jackson

  • "For his size, you give him a lot of credit because he's able to run between the tackles."

Chiefs S Eric Berry

  • "One of the best runs I've seen him make this year is when we played the Redskins in that snow game. And he broke like five or six tackles. He was running like a wild man."
  • "I have to chase him every day in practice and chase him during camp. He definitely has me in shape and ready to go for the games. You got guys who are straight line fast. But he stops, shifts gears, cuts and then gets fast again."

Redskins RB Alfred Morris

  • "When you put the ball in his hand, everyone's already on their edge of the seat like he's about to do something special. I like watching his highlights, like what's he gonna do."

Colts LB Jerrell Freeman

  • "He runs smooth but he's out there moving. I don't know who's on the list of the fastest players in the league but I know he's up there."

Raiders FB Marcel Reece

  • "Got to spend some time with him at the Pro Bowl last year and we're going through walk-through and everyone's looking at him wondering why he's going full speed. He looks at us and says he's walking through."

Raiders LB Nick Roach

  • "Speed kills."
  • "They got out on a screen on the other side o the field and I was running in pursuit where I had a good angle on him. For a split second I thought I was going to catch him. It didn't turn out to be a good angle."

More NFL top 100 facts

  • This is Jamaal's third time on the list (2011-33, 2013-20)
  • Jamaal is the fifth Chiefs player on the list
  • Derrick Johnson No. 64, Justin Houston No. 57, Eric Berry No. 50 and Tamba Hali No. 43