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Chiefs' Aaron Murray wants to play Jadeveon Clowney again

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KC Chiefs QB Aaron Murray touches on a few topics, including Jadeveon Clowney and a "green" Kansas City.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Who does Aaron Murray want to play against in the NFL?

"I played against Jadeveon [Clowney] three times in college so I want to play him again and see how he's doing down there in Houston," Murray said in this video.

If I was an NFL quarterback, there is a zero percent chance I'm saying I'm excited to play Jadeveon Clowney. Zero. I enjoy my health and I don't want freaks of nature like Clowney getting near me.

The Chiefs don't play the Texans this year which is a good thing because Aaron Murray probably isn't playing this season. But maybe Murray can be ready by, say, 2016? That's when the Chiefs are scheduled to play the Texans next, according to the Chiefs future schedules. However, the Chiefs could play the Texans next season if they both finish in the same spot in their division.

Murray said he wants to show that his knee is healthy after suffering an ACL injury last November. It's not full contact but he looked fine during the Chiefs OTAs and minicamps this offseason. There were very few if any limitations on his movement as he scrambled around as well as planting his foot and throwing.

Murray said that Kansas City is a really green city, which is an excellent observation.  Perhaps Murray has driven by the Arrowhead Pride World Headquarters, where Mrs. Arrowhead Pride has planted some nice hydrangeas.

Murray said his goal right now (pretty sure this was filmed a few weeks ago) is to learn the playbook, which is a good goal. Another good one would be to make the 53-man roster. Murray likely isn't a practice squad candidate because he's good enough that other teams will pluck him. That means the Chiefs need to find a spot for him on the 53-man roster.