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Kansas City Chiefs could be facing a rookie starter in Week 1

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The KC Chiefs could be facing a rookie starter in Week 1 as the Titans decide between Jake Locker and rookie Zach Mettenberger.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs open the 2014 season against the Tennessee Titans on Sept. 7 at Arrowhead Stadium. 70,000-plus fans have waited nine months for that day so you can imagine what the atmosphere will be like for the Chiefs -- and for the enemy.

When the Titans come into Arrowhead on that day, it's possible that they'll be facing a rookie starter. Mettenberger, a sixth round draft pick, said recently on Sirius XM NFL Radio that he is preparing to hopefully win the starting job.

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"You're not only thinking about the short team," Mettenberger said on Sirius XM NFL Radio, "but you also have a long-term view of yourself as a player and a person. We don't play this game to ride the bench, you don't play this game to just get a paycheck - at least the good ones don't. You play this game because you love it, you love competing, and you wanna play. That's what I'm doing."

The other option would be Jake Locker, who was the team's starter last year when they started 3-1. The Chiefs played the Titans in their fifth game but Locker suffered an injury that caused him to miss the game.

If given the option, I would prefer the Chiefs play Mettenberger. Rookie quarterbacks -- those not of the Andrew Luck variety -- often struggle early in their careers. The Chiefs would gladly be the ones to make him struggle.