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Weston Dressler ready for Kansas City Chiefs training camp to begin

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The slot receiver from Canada is waiting for the pads to come on at KC Chiefs training camp.

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

One of the Kansas City Chiefs most intriguing signings this offseason was not a player with some massive multi-year contract. It was Weston Dressler, the former Saskatchewan Roughriders slot receiver now trying his hand in the NFL.

Dressler participated in the Chiefs offseason program. He looked quick and sure-handed during drills, which were conducted in shorts and helmets.

Dressler is one of the most popular players from Saskatchewan. With the Chiefs off until training camp later this month, he spoke with TSN in Canada about his offseason with the Chiefs.

"It's going well. It's still early (but) I'm excited. In a couple weeks we get started with the main camp and that's when everything gets going for real. Just working hard and trying to learn as much as I can and give myself the best possible chance to make the team."

"In a couple weeks we get started with the main camp and that's when everything gets going for real." -Weston Dressler on TSN

The "main camp" would be the start of the Chiefs training camp schedule on July 24.

Dressler is right that things get going for real in training camp. That's when the pads come on and, as you know, some players look great when the threat of getting run over by a 260-pound linebacker isn't there. So the start of training camp will be important for someone like Dressler, who is just 5'7.

The Chiefs WRs coach said Dressler has had a nice offseason. When healthy, Junior Hemingway has been running with the first team at slot receiver. Dressler is new to the offense while Hemingway has been here so that's not a big surprise in the offseason. Chiefs special teams coach Dave Toub said he is the Chiefs most reliable catcher on punt returners right now.

Is he the real deal? Training camp will tell us.