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Aaron Murray talks about the difference between Georgia and the Chiefs (video)

Good quote from Aaron Murray, who spoke with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere a couple weeks ago, when asked how his conversations have been with his new Kansas City Chiefs teammates.

"It's been unique in the fact that everyone has wives and kids. We were talking with the group of quarterbacks about what we were going to do that upcoming weekend. Alex Smith was like, "Yeah I'm gonna go golfing on Saturday and then Sunday I'm going take the boys to the zoo.' So I was like, 'You're taking the offensive linemen to the zoo?' And he's like, 'No my two little boys.' I was like, 'Wow, everyone does have kids and a wife.' It's a job. That's the difference. You're in college, you're with buddies, you go to practice and then the dorm room hanging out, but now guys are going to practice and you go home and take care of your family, pick your kids up from school and go home. It's a little different in that aspect. But everyone's super nice and super cool with the same mission.'"

Murray has also "thoroughly enjoyed" the ribs in Kansas City since he's been here.

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More question and answers from Murray if you can't watch the video at the moment:

  • Which animal that is not commonly a pet do you want as a pet? A monkey.
  • Superpower you most want? Read people's mind.
  • Animal you're most scared of? Snakes.
  • Non-sports website you visit the most? Total Frat Move
  • What should your Madden rating be? In the 70s.

Watch the whole interview with Murray above!

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