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Alex Smith's first pitch at Royals-Yankees was way better than his previous first pitch

KC Chiefs QB Alex Smith threw out the first pitch on Friday. It was better than the last time we saw him throwing out a first pitch.

Ed Zurga

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith made his Kansas City Royals debut. Smith threw out the first pitch at Friday's Yankees-Royals game at Kauffman Stadium, which shares a parking lot with Arrowhead Stadium.

Smith, who has two boys, took one of his sons out on the field with him. In fact, Alex threw the ball while holding his son. My guess is that this was his possible excuse in case his first pitch went 15 feet to the right instead of straight ahead, a la 50 Cent's first pitch controversy.

Alex's first pitch

Alex's previous first pitch

Luckily for Alex, this pitch was WAY BETTER than the last time he threw out a first pitch. And the last time he threw out a first pitch, it was the MLB playoffs in San Francisco. Check out this, what do we call this ... a slider?

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