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Colin Kaepernick gets $126 million from 49ers, Chiefs fans are not amused

Colin Kaepernick is now a rich man. What will his new contract mean for the Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Kaepernick just got PAID by the San Francisco 49ers to the tune of a six-year, $126 million extension. That is big time QB money for a young player who has shown he has exceptional skills. I guess that's just the going rate for the cost of top quarterbacks these days.

For Kansas City Chiefs fans, this is a notable contract because of what's going on at home. The Chiefs are negotiating a new contract with Alex Smith. After seeing the Kaepernick numbers, I'm thinking:

  • Kaepernick is younger and better than Alex. There's no way the Chiefs are paying Alex more than Kaepernick, right?
  • I hope the Chiefs do a shorter deal than seven years. There are only a handful of quarterbacks in the league I would commit to for seven years.
  • I hope the 49ers don't run Kaepernick into the ground. Chiefs are gonna need him in 2021.

There are no updates on Alex's deal. No one knows the type of money they're talking about right now, nor the length of any potential contracts. It seems every time the Chiefs express optimism about a deal getting done, "anonymous league sources" come out and express pessimism. In other words, it's operating like a normal NFL negotiation.

Reactions to Kaepernick's deal from Chiefs fans ...

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