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The Chiefs are worth how much?! Post-Clippers sale edition

How much are the Kansas City Chiefs worth in a post-Clippers sale world?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, agent Leigh Steinberg wrote:

Just a couple days later, the Clippers were sold for ... $2 billion.

That price tag probably had most pro sports franchise owners licking their chops because that price is so insane. Much higher than the projected value Forbes put on them of $575 million. Oh, by the way, Forbes is just guessing, too.

Let's pretend that Forbes knows what they're talking about and that the Clippers sale boosts the value of all the other pro sports franchises at the same rate. Forbes values the Chiefs at just over $1 billion. Adding in the 3.48 inflation rate from the Clippers sale, that would put the Chiefs at a value of about $3.5 billion.

/picks up jaw from the floor

That's slightly below the Tennessee Titans and slightly above the Minnesota Vikings. No. 20 in the NFL.

That doesn't mean the Chiefs are worth $3.5 billion. Someone actually has to pay that much for a franchise for it to be worth that. The billionaire market isn't exactly a big one. And Clark Hunt isn't selling the team. But it's a neat talking point.

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