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Brandon Flowers was surprised by the timing of his release from Kansas City Chiefs

New San Diego Charger and former Kansas City Chief Brandon Flowers said he was surprised when Kansas City released him.

Matt Sullivan

I wasn't going to post much more on the release of former Kansas City Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers but this caught my eye.

We all wondered when the Chiefs had made the decision to release Flowers. According to Flowers, who missed OTAs, he was surprised when it went down.

"I was very surprised when it happened," Flowers said on NFL Network Wednesday evening (video here). "I knew I hit the cap pretty hard, but I thought if I was going to get traded or released it was going to be in February or March sometime. The timing that they did it, it kind of hit me.

That's the argument some people had before the Chiefs released Flowers. That if they were going to do it, they would've done it before free agency. Flowers must've had some sort of heads up it was coming considering he missed mandatory minicamp.

Now for the money line in the interview:

"That's why I stayed in the division. I wanted to let the Chiefs know that's why they hit me. I want to let them know how I felt about it."

Yes, we'll be trotting this back out in Weeks 7 and 17 this year.

But it's not all bad ...

"My favorite thing about Kansas City was the fans," Flowers said. "It felt like I never left college playing for Kansas City. No matter if we were winning four games, it was still sold out. It was still crazy. You go to the malls, and everyone had on red. It was crazy. The fans were definitely my favorite thing about K.C."

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