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ESPYs nominate Jamaal Charles for Best NFL Player

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Another day, another award nomination for KC Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is up for Best NFL Player at the ESPYs this year.

Click that link above (or this one) to vote on the award.

The other players are:

Jamaal was more than a third of the Chiefs offense so there's no doubt he belongs on the list of finalists. As much as I know he deserves to win, I bet it goes to a quarterback like Manning or Wilson. Jamaal is arguably the most important non-QB to any team in the league, and even more valuable than a lot of QBs in the league. Unfortunately, I think the QB bias will take give this one to someone else. I'm happy to be surprised though!

I know this is a Chiefs blog so I know what the results will be ... but vote in our poll below.