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Anthony Fasano is selling this customized Land Rover

Kansas City Chiefs TE Anthony Fasano is selling the car you see above, a 1985 Land Rover Defender 110.

What struck me about Anthony Fasano's car -- besides it being a tank -- is that it's almost as old as I am. You just don't see 1985 cars looking like this one. You also don't see Land Rovers looking like this since it appears to be very custom.

Flip through the pictures above, it's pretty unique.

For you car geeks, check out this page where some of the construction is explained.

Interior floor structure was completely cut out in entire rear cabin in order to maximize space/optimize aesthetic simplicity. Also removed was dividing wall for same purpose. We then completely custom fabricated an entire exoskeleton frame for floor to rest on using aluminum stock. From there we used quarter inch aluminum sheets "made in the USA" and secured them to frame with pneumatic rivets. Also in order to achieve cabin space we rerouted gas filler.

Next to create a captains chair rear seating arrangement we fabricated four separate aluminum seat mounts. Each mount was secured to floor with all the way around tig welds with a small opening on side to allow for prewire and interior courtesy lighting. Upon completion of this we lined the entire interior "walls included" with double up dyno matting. This was obviously to create a quite and comfortable driving environment.

Fun fact I: Fasano's name for the car is Winston.

Fun fact II: Winston is the name of Chris's dog and not nearly as intimidating as that car.

You know, I would buy it ... but I'm sure someone who knows more about cars could appreciate it more than I could. That and the whole $76,499 thing.

Photo credit / more info on the car here.

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