Flowers goes under the bus


Other evaluators expressed concerns about Flowers' maturity level. A sampling: One coach: "He wants to be the leader of the secondary, but he belongs in the nickel position and he's more of a zone cover two guy than a man-to-man guy, and that will be a problem with his ego." Another position coach: "He tends to blame the coaches when things go bad." A scout: "Flowers wasn't particularly good to Romeo Crennel or Emmitt Thomas." Those comments raise doubts about coachability which need to be resolved in a day-long interview. A former teammate said, "There was a time when Flowers was the man. Now he's kind of out a gas." But another coach said, "I wish we signed him, because he is an upgrade." There is some debate about how many big plays he gave up last season, but the range is between 9 and 13.