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Chiefs release Brandon Flowers approval poll: Do you approve of the move?

Do you approve of the Kansas City Chiefs decision to release CB Brandon Flowers?

Jamie Squire

Here's what we know:

The Kansas City Chiefs have released Brandon Flowers. It's confirmed and over and done with. He'll be an unrestricted free agent eligible to sign anywhere.

The Chiefs save a reported $7.25 million on the cap this year and $7.5 million next year. The Chiefs had about $2.6 million in cap space at the start of the day. The Chiefs want to do long-term extensions with Alex Smith and Justin Houston so this should help.

Marcus Cooper will replace Flowers' spot at cornerback.

Flowers is a long-time Chief -- 2008 second round pick -- so there are going to be strong opinions on this. I've made mine known throughout this process.

Was this the right move for the Chiefs? Vote in our approval poll below.

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