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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 6/11

Good morning! Here is your Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Phase Three OTAs Day Seven Recap from The Mothership

Q: How do you think you're role is going to expand from last year?

SHERMAN: "I was fine with last year. I'd love to expand it. Whatever Coach Reid wants us to do in the offense, and Doug (Pederson) and all those guys. They'll put us in the right position to be successful."

Q: Has the fullback union filed any grievances with the league due to the fact that the position is kind of getting phased out?

SHERMAN: "It's not phased out here, so I'm happy." Video: One On One: Andy Reid Video: Phase Three OTAs: Joe Mays Video: Phase Three OTAs: Anthony Sherman Photo Gallery: Derrick Johnson's Celebrity Waiter Night Gallery Photo Gallery: OTAs Day Seven Gallery

Chiefs Cornerback Smith Cited After Alleged Wreck from The Associated Press vis FS Kansas City

According to a copy of the police report, Smith was attempting to make a turn in Kansas City's Power & Light entertainment district when he struck the light pole about 12:30 a.m. The officer reported that Smith "appeared confused and began mumbling statements that I did not understand."

Smith declined medical attention. His vehicle sustained significant damage to the front and undercarriage, and the light pole was left broken on the sidewalk.

Chiefs CB Sean Smith Arrested, Cited With DUI from Chiefs Spin

According to the police, Smith was arrested and transported to police headquarters where he was booked on three citations: Operating a motor vehicle with .08 percent or more of alcohol in blood, driving a vehicle in a careless manner by attempting to make a left turn at an intersection and failing to slow down causing the vehicle to run into a light pole, and no insurance.

You Won't Believe What Allen Bailey Did To Give The Chiefs' D A Little More Weight from FS Kansas City

Last fall, the 6-foot-3 Bailey was working in the 280-285-pound range, and comfortably. But he wanted to become more of a fixture on first and second down, rushing downs, as well as have the weight to be able to work inside -- a la teammate Dontari Poe, a Pro Bowl nose tackle -- if the Chiefs go small and shift an outside linebacker to a hand-on-the-ground slot along the line of scrimmage.

"Still got my same speed and agility; just added a little more weight to it," the former Miami (Fla.) standout says. "That's it."

Like Dwayne Bowe and Mike DeVito, who changed what and how they eat, Bailey changed up his meal plan, hooking up with a service in South Florida called DeliverLean that sent entrees to his home. The end result: roughly a dozen more pounds on his frame than in January, same burst.

Players Who Must Improve: S. Commings from ESPN

At the first offseason practice last month, Commings played centerfield on a particular play like it never was for the Chiefs last season. Quarterback Tyler Bray floated a pass to the left sideline and Commings, playing the deep middle of the field, covered plenty of ground before intercepting the pass then going out of bounds.

Plays like that should earn Commings, a backup when practice started, a look as the starter. The Chiefs had been going with veteran Husain Abdullah, mostly a backup in his NFL career, as their starter.

ILB Joe Mays Impressed With OLB Dee Ford from Chiefs Spin

Entering his seventh season and on his fourth team, Chiefs linebacker Joe Mays has been around the block and brings plenty of experience.

Mays has played with some of the NFL's best pass rushers, including Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Trent Cole, Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

So when Mays compliments first-round pick, outside linebacker Dee Ford, the words carry weight.

Audibles Podcast: Examining Burning Questions In The AFC West from Sports Illustrated

In 2013, the AFC West sent three teams (Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers) to the postseason, cementing its status as arguably the best division in the AFC. How many teams can make the playoffs this season? That's just one of the burning questions that's John DePetro, Chris Burke and Doug Farrar examine in this edition of the Audibles Podcast.

Other topics include:

Alex Smith extension talks: "I view Alex Smith as I would view a McRib from McDonalds," says Chris Burke. "If you want to give me a McRib for $2, I'll gladly take that McRib. But if you're going to charge me the same for a McRib as you would a steak at a nice restaurant, I don't want that McRib anymore."

Murray's Musings (Day 10 Training Camp Edition) from The Regina Leader-Post

I found this tweet from Terez A Paylor (the beat writer for the Kansas City Star) about  Dressler at the Kansas City Chiefs OTAs: "Alex Smith found WR Weston Dressler on a slant from the slot for a touchdown. Dressler's comfort in the slot is impressive.'' You can follow Paylor at @TerezPaylor

Native Americans In Metro Support Anti-Redskins TV Commercials from FOX4KC

"It caught that diversity, and yet in spite of that diversity, and the ways we choose to refer to ourselves, the choice that we don't make is one that the owner of a professional football team seems bound and determined to hold onto," Dr. Wildcat said.

Doctor Wildcat says the Kansas City Chiefs nickname is also potentially offensive, but to a lesser degree than the Washington name, because it doesn't refer directly to the color of a person's skin.

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