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Will Chiefs' Sean Smith be suspended? Answering questions about his arrest

What you need to know about the DUI arrest of Kansas City Chiefs CB Sean Smith.

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

What are the charges against Smith?

1. Operating a vehicle with a BAC of 0.08 or more

2. Driving a vehicle in a careless manner by attempting to make a left turn at an intersection and failing to slow down causing the vehicle to run into a light pole

3. No insurance

Read the details of the accident and arrest here.

Did he really not have insurance?

This could be a failure to produce proof of insurance. As in, he has insurance but just didn't have his insurance card on him to prove it. If he actually didn't have insurance at all ... well, he should have. (My parents paid my car insurance until I was 21 so am I really the one to be criticizing someone about insurance here?)

Will he be suspended?

Speculation alert! Based on the NFL's past history with DUI punishments, I would guess not. I'm not Roger Goodell so I can't say that with complete certainty but the NFL's course of actions on DUIs is fairly typical -- a fine of two game checks but no suspension. This is the standard punishment for a DUI for someone who hasn't been in trouble before. If Smith gets in trouble again, it becomes a more serious issue with the NFL.

When will the NFL decide their punishment?

Generally with these types of cases, they will determine punishment after the legal process has run its course. In other words, after he goes to court.

How did the Chiefs react to the arrest?

They gave the standard "We're aware of the incident" statement to the media.

How does this affect Smith's spot on the team?

Well, I doubt they're going to cut him because of this. It would appear the Chiefs made their thoughts known by demoting Smith to the second team on Tuesday. CB Ron Parker took Smith's spot on the first team. Actually, to be more specific, Marcus Cooper moved over to right cornerback (where Smith usually plays) and Parker stepped in at Cooper's spot at left cornerback.I don't know if this is permanent.

How does this affect Brandon Flowers' future?

Both Smith and Flowers are cornerbacks, so that's why this is a question. Flowers has been absent from OTAs for some reason. With the NFL's history of DUI punishment suggesting Smith is unlikely to be suspended, I doubt this has much of an affect on Flowers' future either way.

Does this make Sean Smith a bad guy?

You probably know someone who has gotten a DUI. Are they a bad person? Just depends on the person.

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