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Jamaal Charles shares a funny Dustin Colquitt joke

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In a video on, KC Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles was asked who the funny guy on the team was. He said punter Dustin Colquitt. He then told this funny story about one of Colquitt's jokes:

"He'll get in the hot tub and we will just be talking, and sitting in the hot tub, and next thing you know he's getting out of the hot tub butt naked," Jamaal said. "So everybody looking back like, 'Did he really just get out like that?' He had his shorts on the whole time but he took them off and let them float in the water."

Colquitt has to be up there on the list of "Chiefs players you most want to hang out with".

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Watch the whole video here. A few highlights below...

Jamaal is afraid of dogs

"A long time ago I got bit by a dog on my side. I was playing basketball, my friend had a dog, the k-9 is just barking (Jamaal makes barking noises). And the ball went over [the fence]. The dog turned away like he wasn't paying attention so I run to get the ball and he start running and comes at me like 'Ahh', and I ran home to my mama. 'Mama, the dog bit me! I'm dying! (laughing)."

Who is the fastest player on the team?

Jamaal said he is the fastest player on the team. He's better at the longer distances rather than the 40-yard dash because he builds his speed up.

Who has the worst feet in the NFL?

Who has the worst feet in football? Jamaal said either the defensive or defensive line. "Lineman have the worst feet in the league," Jamaal said.

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