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NFL Draft 2014: Predicting the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick

The Arrowhead Pride staff predicts the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Northern Illinois S Jimmie Ward


Did you know that the Chiefs carried four safeties that played significant minutes (plus Sanders Commings) last year?  Right now, they have three, including Commings. With the tendency to switch to three safeties in the dime defense, the Chiefs defense could use a rangy safety that can play anywhere from deep zone coverage down to slot corner.

Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks


I wasn't on the Cooks bandwagon. Since he's "just another Dexter McCluster" and what not. Then I actually watched him play. I'll go ahead and start this YouTube video at the only play you need to watch to know what you need to know about Brandin Cooks. I'll wait while you watch that play 19 times and go "holy crap" every single time.

Done?  Glad to have you on board with me.

Oklahoma State CB Justin Gilbert

Matt Conner

Whether or not you believe the Brandon Flowers trade rumors, the Chiefs will still want to grab a CB early before the talent level drops off at a steeper level than, say, wide receiver. Gilbert is not the biggest need, but the value is great at No. 23. He'd help anchor the secondary for most of the next decade with his solid build (6'0, 202 pounds), great length, strong experience and shutdown ability. Plus he had 6 kickoff returns for TDs in college. The complete package.

Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks

Matt Verderame

Cooks is an explosive athlete who can run after the catch, something Andy Reid is always looking for. He can take the top off the defense, allowing more room for guys like Dwayne Bowe to work underneath. I believe Beckham will be gone at this point and don't think any other receiver would be considered save Marqise Lee. Cooks makes a ton of sense here and could really bring the offense to the next level.


NJ Chiefs Fan

I pay absolutely no attention to the lead up to the draft (other than finding stories for Arrowheadlines). I have no experience in player evaluation, and I don't watch a lot of college football. There's no way of knowing what trades (if any) will happen ahead of us, or what players will be available so I try not to waste what little brain power I have on it. 

I will be patient. Sit and wait to see who our powers-that-be select. Then bitch about it. 

But just guessing? Carr... or a DB / safety / d-lineman. Lack of WR didn't cost the Chiefs the playoff game.

Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks

Joel Thorman

Tons of production, fits the Chiefs offense and adds an explosive element. Sign me up.

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