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Three NFL Draft day trades for the Kansas City Chiefs to consider

Here are three draft day trades I hope the Kansas City Chiefs have the option to consider on day one of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Rich Schultz

We're now just one day away from the start of the 2014 NFL Draft and I continue to believe that the Kansas City Chiefs best course of action will be a trade down. If that's at all possible. It takes two to tango so there's no guarantee the Chiefs will be able to trade the No. 23 pick in the draft.

In 2011, they moved from the 21st to 26th pick and picked up a third round pick in the process. I would love for the Chiefs to make a similar trade this year. Teams may value their third round picks differently in such a (supposedly) deep draft.

I've thought about three trades I wouldn't mind seeing the Chiefs make on draft day. They all involve moving back for extra picks. I focused on the 49ers and Browns because they have so many picks in the top four rounds. Here is the complete draft order as a reference.

Trade 1: 49ers two second round picks for Chiefs first round pick

The Chiefs hold the No. 23 overall pick. The 49ers have two second round picks -- No. 56 and 61. Would you trade the Chiefs No. 23 pick for the 49ers No. 56 and 61 picks? That would move them down a full round but it would also give them an extra pick.

Are two late second round picks equal in value to a late(r) first round pick? It's close, according to the draft trade value chart (which is out-dated). The first round pick is worthy slightly more, according to the chart.

Still, I would probably make this move. I don't see the Chiefs getting a slam dunk, elite player at No. 23. I'd take my chances with two pretty good players in the second round.

Trade 2: 49ers first round pick and third round pick for Chiefs first round pick

The 49ers also have an extra third round pick -- No. 77. They could send that and their No. 30 pick to the Chiefs for the 23rd pick. This gives the Chiefs two third round picks in exchange for moving back seven spots in the first round. That's a similar trade the Chiefs made when moving back in 2011.

I make this trade.

The 49ers also have a No. 94 third round pick but that's borderline too far down for me. Still, I would strongly consider the trade even if it were the No. 94 pick.

Trade 3: Browns first and fourth round pick for Chiefs first round pick

The 2011 Chiefs draft day trade was with the Browns, who moved up to select Phil Taylor. I would like to see the Browns move on up to the Chiefs spot again.

Cleveland, who has the No. 4 pick, also has a second first round pick at No. 26. The Chiefs could move down to No. 26. For this, I want the Chiefs to part ways with the No. 23 pick in exchange for the No. 26 and one of the Browns fourth round picks -- No. 106 or No. 107.

The Chiefs wouldn't be moving back much -- just three spots. But they would be getting an extra mid-round pick out of the deal.

What other draft day trades would you like to see?

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