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The best draft picks ever for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1-32

Who was the Chiefs best No. 1 pick? Best No. 23 pick? Look at Chiefs best pick at each spot from picks 1-32.

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Pro Football Reference makes it easy to look at all of the KC Chiefs draft picks throughout history, from the 1961 Dallas Texans days all the way up to Eric Fisher in the 2013 NFL Draft.

I went through all of the Chiefs draft picks and tried to pick out the very best pick at each spot from No. 1-32. So, we're talking about the Chiefs best No. 1 pick, best No. 2 pick, best No. 3 pick and so on.

Some of the early drafts included only eight teams so the No. 10 pick is actually the second pick of the second round, but I included all picks from 1-32 for our modern day first round.

Many of the players were drafted by the Texans and went onto play for the Texans and later the Chiefs. Some of the draft picks in the 1960s had to choose between the AFL and NFL Draft (Texans / Chiefs were in the AFL). Even if the player was drafted by the Texans / Chiefs but chose to play in the NFL instead, I included them in here (such as Gale Sayers). Clearly, I'm just a sucker for what the Chiefs missed out on.

I learned doing this that the Texans / Chiefs were excellent drafters in the 1960s. I also learned the Chiefs have never had a No. 9, 12 or 17 pick.

Use this link to see where I'm right and wrong.

1. DT Buck Buchanan (1963)

Hall of Fame. Not bad.

2. DE Neil Smith (1988)

My age bias comes into play. I grew up with Neil Smith. He narrowly edges out Art Still here.

3. RB Ronnie Bull (1962)

He did not play for the Dallas Texas, instead choosing to play in the NFL with the Chicago BearsTyson Jackson is the other option but Bull played in 123 games with 8,000 yards rushing.

4. LB Derrick Thomas (1989)


5. RB Gale Sayers (1965)

He played in the NFL instead of the AFL. But the Texans did draft him. Hall of Famer. Bill Maas, Glenn Dorsey and Eric Berry were also drafted No. 5 overall.

6. LB EJ Holub (1961)

All-Pro. Would fit in well with today's great Chiefs linebackers. Barely edges out Ryan Sims (I kid, I kid).

7. QB Todd Blackledge (1983)

We still haven't gotten over this. Moving on ...

8. G Ed Budde (1963)

14-year player for the Chiefs. Can we get the guys who drafted for the Texans in the 1960s to come back?

9. None
10. DB Gary Green (1977)

Played in KC for seven years.

11. G Brad Budde (1980)

Started 92 games over seven years for the Chiefs. Coming soon is Dontari Poe at No. 11.

12. None
13. TE Tony Gonzalez (1997)

Beats out Percy Snow.

14. DT Bob Lilly (1961)

Decided to play in the NFL with the Cowboys. Hall of Famer. Also at No. 14 was John Tait (damn it Carl!!!)

15. LB Derrick Johnson (2005)

I have him beating out Branden Albert.

16. T Walt Rock (1963)

Drafted by the Chiefs in the AFL but went to the NFL. Regular starter for nine years and played in 137 games.

17. None
18. DT Ken Kortas (1964)

Drafted into the AFL but played in the NFL.

19. G Mo Moorman (1968)

Started 57 games for the Chiefs.

20. CB Dale Carter (1992)

I have him barely beating out Tamba Hali at No. 20.

21. T John Alt (1984)

149-game starter for the Chiefs over 13 years.

22. T Jim Tyrer (1961)

Drafted by the Texans. Played with the Texans and Chiefs for 14 years.

23. WR Dwayne Bowe (2007)

DB Jim Marsalis was a 51-game starter for the Chiefs. Steve Fuller also drafted No. 23.

24. DE Don Brumm (1963)

Ended up playing in the NFL for the St. Louis Cardinals.

25. RB Greg Hill (1994)

Over 3,000 career rushing yards for the Chiefs. Also, the only No. 25 pick.

26. DT Ed Lothamer (1964)

He was in KC for eight yards. Jon Baldwin drafted here, too.

27. RB Larry Johnson (2003)

Sorry, but he was better than Victor Riley.

28. S Jerome Woods (1996)

Chiefs could use a free safety right about now ...

29. WR Otis Taylor (1965)

Somehow, he's not in the Hall of Fame.

30. E Claude Moorman (1961)

He is the only No. 30 pick. Don't know anything about him other than he played in an era where he was an "offensive end".

31. T Trezelle Jenkins (1997)

Oh wow, he's one of the worst picks in Chiefs history but also the best 31st pick. As far as I can tell, the other No. 31 pick, Elijah Gibson (1966) has no stats.

32. WR Frank Pitts (1965)

I believe there is an AP commenter who's screen name pays homage to Pitts. Show yourself, Frank Pitts fan!

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