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What kind of WR can Kansas City Chiefs get at No. 23? History says ...

Here's a look at all first round receivers from 2000-2013. What can the Kansas City Chiefs expect to get with the 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Brian Bahr /Allsport

The Kansas City Chiefs were in the market for a receiver during free agency so it stands to reason they'll be in the market for a receiver when the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft rolls around. I went back and looked at every first round receiver in the NFL since 2000, better known as the start of the Sylvester Morris era in Kansas City.

What surprised me after looking at the list is how many first round receivers the Chiefs have already come in contact with. AJ Jenkins is on their team already. Jon Baldwin was drafted by the Chiefs but no longer on the team. Donnie Avery was the first receiver taken in 2008 at the top of the second round. Then there's Dwayne Bowe, a receiver out of LSU picked No. 23, which could happen again this year with Odell Beckham Jr. (who all of a sudden isn't dropping to the Chiefs). The Chiefs have put some resources into receivers in the draft but haven't seen the results.

Like any other position, if they continue throwing numbers at it, they'll hit on one eventually.

Here's a look at all the receivers picked in the first round between 2000-2013.

2013: Tavon Austin (8), DeAndre Hopkins (27), Cordarrelle Patterson (29)

2012: Justin Blackmon (5), Michael Floyd (13), Kendall Wright (20), AJ Jenkins (30)

2011: AJ Green (4), Julio Jones (6), Jon Baldwin (26)

2010: Demaryius Thomas (22), Dez Bryant (24)

2009: Darrius Heyward-Bey (7), Michael Crabtree (10), Jeremy Maclin (19), Percy Harvin (22), Hakeem Nicks (29), Kenny Britt (30)

2008: No first round receivers. Donnie Avery the first one taken at No. 33. But there was a crazy run on receivers at the top of the second round with With nine receivers going between No. 33 and 53.

2007: Calvin Johnson (2), Ted Ginn (9), Dwayne Bowe (23), Robert Meachem (27), Craig Davis, (30), Anthony Gonzalez (32)

2006: Santonio Holmes (25)

2005: Braylon Edwards (3), Matt Williamson (7), Mike Williams (10), Matt Jones (21),  Mark Clayton (22), Roddy White (27)

2004: Larry Fitzgerald (3), Roy Williams (7), Reggie William (9), Lee Evans (13), Michael Clayton (15), Michael Jenkins (29), Rashaun Woods (31)

2003: Charles Rogers (2), Andre Johnson (3), Bryant Johnson (17)

2002: Donte Stallworth (13), Ashley Lelie (19), Javon Walker (20)

2001: David Terrell (8), Koren Robinson (9), Rod Gardner (15), Santana Moss (16), Freddie Mitchell (25), Reggie Wayne (30)

2000: Peter Warrick (4), Plaxico Burress (8), Travis Taylor (10), Sylvester Morris (21), R. Jay Soward (29), Dennis Northcutt (32)

Now, here's that list of players selected at No. 23 or later in the first round, emphasis on the really good players by me:

R. Jay Soward (29), Dennis Northcutt (32), Freddie Mitchell (25), Reggie Wayne (30), Michael Jenkins (29), Rashaun Woods (31), Roddy White (27), Santonio Holmes (25), Dwayne Bowe (23), Robert Meachem (27), Craig Davis, (30), Anthony Gonzalez (32), Hakeem Nicks (29), Kenny Britt (30), Jon Baldwin (26), AJ Jenkins (30), DeAndre Hopkins (27), Cordarrelle Patterson (29)

So, over 14 years, the Chiefs could've had a shot at one Hall of Famer (Wayne) or three really good receivers, one of which they did get (Bowe, obviously). Somehow I'm not holding out hope that the Chiefs are going to draft a Hall of Famer at No. 23.

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