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Most KC Chiefs fans believe pre-draft interest in QB is a smokescreen

Despite reports connecting the Kansas City Chiefs to a quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft, there are reasons to believe it's a smokescreen.

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We've been talking lately about the Kansas City Chiefs taking a quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft after two reporters recently suggested they could be in the market for one. We attached a poll to our most recent story on this and it looks like the majority of readers believe this is a smokescreen by the Chiefs.


So, is this quarterback talk a smokescreen?

During times like this, we need to remember that the Chiefs actions -- not their words, especially those words during draft week -- are what really matter.

The Chiefs actions thus far show that they've given up two second round picks for Alex Smith. After the Chiefs made that trade, Smith performed well by many accounts. The Chiefs are coming out of their first year with Smith feeling encouraged given the on-the-record statements from the owner, GM and head coach following the season.

The Chiefs actions -- not their words -- are what really matter.

In order for there to be a smokescreen, there has to be a reason for the smokescreen. Who benefits from it? For the Chiefs, it seems to be this:

1. Creating the belief they could select a quarterback at No. 23 in order to entire other teams to trade up for one. This would allow the Chiefs to trade back -- something it seems they want to do -- and collect more picks (something GM John Dorsey definitely wants).

2. Creating the belief they could select a quarterback in order to get the best possible deal from Smith's camp.

Once you consider all of that, it's hard to look at these reports of the Chiefs quarterback interest as anything but a smokescreen.

Note that this isn't a commentary on whether the Chiefs should draft a quarterback. This is about whether they actually will take a quarterback. As to whether they should, I'm of the belief that if Dorsey and Reid, who has a great reputation with quarterbacks, think he can be the man, I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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