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2014 NFL Draft's top receivers could be gone by time KC Chiefs pick

The Chiefs could see five receivers off the board by the time they come to pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Harry How

Let's be up front with one thing. I have no idea how the 2014 NFL Draft will unfold when things kick off on Thursday night. But if I were a guessing man, I would say up to four receivers could be off the board by the time the Chiefs come to pick .

There are a couple waves of receivers in this draft, which is a deep one for receivers, according to Chiefs GM John Dorsey. Clemson's Sammy Watkins and Texas A&M's Mike Evans are clearly in the top wave of receivers. They are the draft's best and there haven't been a lot of people questioning that until recently when some are putting LSU'S Odell Beckham Jr. among those top receivers. A favorite mock draft pick of the Chiefs, Beckham is now regularly going in the top half of the first round in mock drafts.

With Watkins and Evans surely gone, and Beckham likely gone, that's three receivers who the Chiefs probably can't count on to be there at No. 23 when they pick. If mock drafts mean anything (they don't), the Chiefs shouldn't count on Oregon State's Brandin Cooks being there either.

That leaves guys like USC's Marqise Lee and Indiana's Cody Latimer who have all been mocked to the Chiefs. Lee is the most popular one at the moment.

The problem for the Chiefs is that there are a handful of teams right in front of them who could all be looking at receiver, including the Ravens at 17, Jets at 18, Packers at 21 and Eagles at 22. Those four teams are all threats to select a receiver and they're all in the Chiefs territory. Good thing GM John Dorsey has called this a deep draft for receivers (and he's said that more than once).

So the Chiefs have to start asking themselves whether the draft's fifth best receiver is a better choice than, say, the second best defensive end or fourth best tackle, whatever it ends up being.

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