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Andy Reid and Alex Smith are the best Chiefs HC-QB combo since ... ?

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Alex Smith and Andy Reid are the best head coach-quarterback combo since ... ?

That was the discussion Mitch Holthus had on his visit with 810 WHB this week. With a Super Bowl title and the HOF, the best Chiefs combo of all time has to go to Hank Stram and Len Dawson.

Removing them, there are two options for this: Dick Vermeil and Trent Green (2001-05) or Marty Schottenheimer and Joe Montana (1993-94).

Among the group, Marty and Montana had the most playoff success, advancing to the 1993 AFC Championship game. Neither Vermeil / Green nor Reid / Smith won a playoff game (so far ... ?). Vermeil and Green won the most games together, mostly because they played together the longest. They also had the best offenses.

I can't put Reid and Smith ahead of Vermeil and Green. It's too early for that but I like the start Reid and Smith have gotten. The downside to Vermeil and Green is that they made the playoffs together just once (2003). That season though was a 13-win season, better than what Reid and Smith have put up so far.

Marty won a ridiculous amount of games. Maybe I just live for the playoff punishment but I'd take Marty and Montana as the best duo in this group.

Who are you taking?

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