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Mort: Kansas City Chiefs are a sleeper QB team in 2014 NFL Draft

A national reporter just connected the Kansas City Chiefs to a quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft. Buckle in, it's on ...

Highly interesting from ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who is a nicer guy when he's not reporting Mike Shanahan as the next head coach of the Chiefs. Ultimately, I would be surprised if the Chiefs went quarterback. That said, the Chiefs should be considered a sleeper quarterback team in just about every draft because that's one of their philosophies with drafting a quarterback every year or every other year. They're always going to be in the quarterback market game.

This year, there is a huge range of opinions on which quarterbacks will be available at No. 23, including Derek Carr. Blake Bortles could make an unexpected tumble but many put him in the top 10. There's also the outside chance Johnny Football falls but I wouldn't count on it happening.

Cleveland has been linked to Carr, the Fresno State quarterback and brother of former Texans No. 1 pick David CarrHe is Mike Mayock's No. 3 rated quarterback. Also, this is an excellent read on Carr. Drafting at No. 26, the Browns would also make a great trade partner for the Chiefs, who found themselves in a familiar position in the 2011 draft. That year the Chiefs traded the No. 21 pick to move back six spots and pick up an extra third round pick (named Justin Houston ... ever heard of him?).

Other quarterbacks include Jimmy Garoppolo out of Eastern Illinois. He is ranked above Teddy Bridgewater on Mike Mayock's board. The Chiefs have also been linked to Aaron Murray, former Georgia quarterback who has more game tape than anyone in the draft as a four-year starter in the SEC.

This has the feelings a little bit of a smokescreen even though it fits in with Andy Reid's history. It's just convenient that this comes out less than a week to the draft. Maybe it's legit but keep in mind that this is the perfect time for teams to start lying to protect their interests.

What's also interesting about this report is how it relates to the Alex Smith contract negotiations. I argued a while back that the Chiefs should absolutely wait until after the NFL Draft to do a new deal with Smith. Why? Because of this very reason, the possibility of a quarterback they really like falling to them. You wouldn't want a big, fancy quarterback contract to stop you from taking the best player on your board (not that it stopped the Packers in 2005 with Aaron Rodgers).

You will also note that Mort mentions a second round pick even though the Chiefs don't have a second round pick. I give you John Dorsey's response to the second round pick question Friday at Arrowhead: "Part of that was acquiring an All-Pro quarterback. That was pretty good compensation. And who's to say we won't have a second round pick? It's one of those scenarios where you're on the clock and get phone calls because this player or this player is there."

Things are getting interesting, folks. Nobody seems to have a good read on who the Chiefs will pick but Dorsey said on Friday that they can narrow their choices to about four, pending the surprises and trades that will screw everything up.

It's Game Time.

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