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That time Andy Reid talked about his guy LeBron James

Here's why Andy Reid was talking about his guy LeBron James.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid talked briefly about "my guy" LeBron James so of course we had to write about this, which is not the first Andy Reid / LeBron James post we've had.

During the NBA playoffs on Wednesday night, the Pacers Lance Stephenson blew in the ear of LeBron James. It made the rounds on the Internet today because it is just so ... weird.

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Andy Reid is apparently a basketball fan. In the midst of a discussion about Demetrius Harris going from college basketball to the NFL, Reid dropped this dandy (via quotes from the Chiefs):

"Not that the NBA isn't physical, I mean basketball is physical. But now you're throwing a helmet on and we're asking you to knock each other around a little bit. Nobody is blowing in anybody's ear out here. My guy LeBron (James), man, I'm glad he just held it. LeBron was heck of a football player at one time, I mean, that was close to a forearm shiver distance right there. I'm glad he held back on him."

610 Sports Bob Fescoe asked the logical followup: If LeBron went for the NFL, would Reid take a shot?

"Oh yeah. LeBron is my guy, man. I like LeBron. He's alright. Tough kid."

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