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John Dorsey: 'No reason to rush' extension talks with Alex Smith

The Chiefs aren't in any hurry to get a deal done for Alex Smith.

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Alex Smith have been working on a contract extension for some time. John Dorsey says that the wait will continue for a while since there's no urgency to get a deal done.

Dorsey recently gave an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio and gave an update on the negotiations with the Chiefs quarterback. While he was positive things would get done, he also said the process will take some time.

"With regards to Alex, we've had continual conversation with his representatives," said Dorsey. "We're at that point now we're going back and forth and eventually, as all negotiations is, there'll become a medium point where both sides will agree. Time will move on and we'll go to the next project.

"I think in today's football you have to be fair in regards to how people play," he continued. "We've always kind of believed that as a mindset. This thing will go on for a little bit. There's a degree of patience here. There's no reason to rush. I mean, we haven't even gotten into rookie mini-camp yet."

Smith is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after the 2014 season. This year he has a cap hit of $8 million, a number that places him squarely in the middle of starting NFL quarterbacks at No. 15 in the NFL.

Two months ago, Smith was modest about getting a new deal in an interview, saying he knew he had to earn a new deal and perhaps even play the current one out.

With loads of time until the NFL season begins and the contract could become a potential distraction, the Chiefs and Smith could wait to find a middle ground for the next few months.

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