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Regrading the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 NFL Draft class

Another offseason. Another draft regrade.

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Every offseason, there's usually some look back at previous NFL Draft classes to determine whether or not they were successful in retrospect. It's certainly a better exercise than grading a draft class right after the rookies were taken, considering there's actually been some on-field proof one way or another. The latest set of retrospective draft grades comes from John Harris at the Sideline View as he looks back at 2010.

The 2010 NFL Draft was a plentiful one for the Chiefs. The team had five picks in the first three rounds which included the No. 5 overall pick. While rumors included potential interest in Rolando McClain and Russell Okung among others, Eric Berry was the player that Scott Pioli wanted in the end. Unfortunately he's the only player remaining with the Chiefs from that class.

A full rundown of the Chiefs pick in 2010:

Eric Berry (1)
Dexter McCluster (2)
Javier Arenas (2)
Jon Asamoah (3)
Tony Moeaki (3)
Kendrick Lewis (5)
Cameron Sheffield (5)

Harris gives the Chiefs a B- in his column:

Although Berry is often criticized for any failings of the Kansas City defense, he was the right pick early in the first round. Similar to Suh, he’s been to three Pro Bowls and is the leader of the Chiefs defense. McCluster’s career in Kansas City was a roller coaster, but he did make the Pro Bowl in 2013 as a returner. Asamoah started his career in good shape but signed a free agent contract elsewhere in 2014. Moeaki was on the verge of greatness but an injury shut his progress down, essentially on the spot. Had Arenas stayed in Kansas City under defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, there’s no telling what he could have done. He didn’t, unfortunately. Solid class, overall, in Kansas City.

While the Chiefs haven't reaped the rewards, McCluster and Asamoah will likely continue to be solid pro players in other schemes with the Titans and Falcons respectively. Lewis and Arenas are also still playing, so at least a solid percentage of the players remain relevant. That said, Harris' take on Arenas is interesting since most Chiefs fans would likely disagree. As for Sheffield, he is playing in the CFL. 

Do you agree? Disagree? B- seems fair to me. 

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