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Highlights from KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey's pre-draft press conference

Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey spoke to the media on Friday afternoon about the 2014 NFL Draft. I pulled out some highlights of the interview, which you can read below.


The biggest takeaway from John Dorsey's Friday press conference (for me) was that the Chiefs have narrowed their choices to about four players at the 23rd spot depending on what happens with players who fall and possible trade talks. I wrote about that with a few Dorsey quotes about trading picks right here.

Below are some other highlights from Dorsey's press conference. This isn't a full transcript, but it's the interesting stuff.

Who are you taking?

"Best available player."

The possibility of trading out of No. 23

"A man told me once told me not to pass up a good player. But if I can acquire some additional picks, in a draft that could or could not be deep, I'll do that."

The lack of a second round pick

"Part of that was acquiring an All-Pro quarterback. That was pretty good compensation. And who's to say we won't have a second round pick? It's one of those scenarios where you're on the clock and get phone calls because this player or this player is there."

Trade talks with other teams

Who's to say we won't have a second round pick? -John Dorsey

"You do your due diligence. You call all 31 teams and just let them know if something happens you'd like to move up or down, you know what, our phones are always open."

Was the extra two weeks before the draft beneficial?

"Don't overthink it. You could overthink it in two weeks. I think you have to have some patience. It gives you some extra time to do some legwork that maybe you thought you were rushed on in last year's draft. It gives you some more time to relax, recharge and just kind of sit back. Just don't over think it is the easiest way to put it."

The ideal time to have the draft

"In the spring." ... (We laughed at this) ... "Every personnel guy loves the draft."

How many players are on the Chiefs board?


Different between last year and this year

"About 22 picks" ... (We laughed again) ... "I'd prefer to be in the back third on a consistent basis. Last year was very unique. Hopefully it never happens again."

Better understanding the new coaching staff this year

I haven't watched TV, listened to the radio or picked up a paper in like six weeks. -John Dorsey

"In my mind I always had a cookie cutter image of what a 3-4 defensive end is supposed to look like. But in coach [Bob] Sutton's defense, he has a big 5-tech defensive end and a 3-tech defensive end. Two distinctly different players to play those positions to succeed."

Alex Smith's commencement speech at Utah

"I told you this last year, I mean this. I haven't watched TV, listened to the radio or picked up a paper in like six weeks. I heard about it. I'm sure he did a fine job."

Does a first round pick have to visit the facility?

"Not necessarily. Not if you've done all your due diligence and homework. You have ample opportunity to get to know these players as the spring season goes on."

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