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Kansas City Chiefs get little respect from Las Vegas

Oddsmakers have set the Chiefs' over/under at eight wins.

Jamie Squire

The Kansas City Chiefs might be feeling like Rodney Dangerfield at the moment. Why? Because they get no respect.

After winning 11 games and making the playoffs, Las Vegas has set the Chiefs' over/under at eight wins, according to the National Football Post. The teams with the highest lines are the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, both set at 11 wins. The lowest line belong to the Jacksonville Jaguars at 4.5 wins.

As for the rest of the AFC West, the Oakland Raiders are the second-lowest line at five wins. The San Diego Chargers are also set at eight alongside Kansas City.

The Chiefs, Panthers and Chargers are the playoff teams with the lowest lines, all at eight wins. Carolina might have the biggest complaint of all after winning the NFC South with 12 wins. Going by the lines, Kansas City is expected to miss the playoffs, ranked behind the Broncos, Patriots, Colts, Bengals, Steelers and Ravens.

My two cents? How are the Chiefs ranked behind the Steelers and Ravens? Pittsburgh did not make the playoffs and lost more talent in the form of Ryan Clark and Emmanuel Sanders. Other than adding Mike Mitchell to replace Clark, they made no offseason acquisitions and grew even older.

Baltimore literally did not add one impact player outside of the draft and are coming off a non-playoff season. How are the Chiefs suddenly worse than the Ravens? Frankly, it feels like those lines are being set with old respect in mind, not current thinking.

The AFC North has to play the NFC South, which while not as tough as the NFC West is certainly nothing to sneeze at. They also draw the AFC South, a division featuring a resurgent Texans team and the Colts.

Put me down for the over, despite the well-known difficult schedule.

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