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Post-NFL Draft power rankings differ on the Kansas City Chiefs

Are the Chiefs top 10? Or merely average?

Sam Greenwood

The Kansas City Chiefs were a playoff team last year who lost more than they gained. That's a good recipe for wide opinions on where they rank in the NFL right now.

Both ESPN and NFL Network released their post-NFL Draft power rankings this week and there is indeed a decent sized difference of opinion between the two.

NFL Network ranks the Chiefs No. 8.

Kansas City's roster still carries a heckuva lot of talent, and the Chiefs should be in the hunt for an AFC wild-card spot again. That said, it was tough to appreciate the selection at No. 23 of defensive end Dee Ford, who wasn't seen by many teams as a first-rounder -- and whom the Chiefs, frankly, didn't need. At least, they didn't need him as much as they did a wide receiver, a tight end or secondary help. Yes, Kansas City did pick up cornerback Phillip Gaines in the third round, but the jury is still out as to how NFL-ready he is. Quarterback Alex Smith could use a wubby besides Jamaal Charles.

ESPN ranks them No. 15.

Never mind the wide receivers -- the offensive line could be a problem. The Chiefs replaced three starting linemen on their roster with Jeffrey Linkenbach and two sixth-round picks.

Clearly, NFL Network knows what they're talking about, the Chiefs fan said.

Truthfully, No 8 does seem a little high. But the Chiefs were a playoff team last year. The most important players from that playoff run, including the entire coaching staff, are back. It's more than reasonable to put them in the range of other playoff-caliber teams.

After getting worked up over mock drafts for the last few months, it's nice to get worked up over power rankings instead.

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