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Kansas City Chiefs post-NFL Draft approval poll: Andy Reid

Do you approve of the job Andy Reid is doing as the Kansas City Chiefs head coach?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The last time we checked in with Andy Reid's approval rating we were in the middle of free agency. Reid doesn't run the personnel in Kansas City -- that's GM John Dorsey -- but he obviously has plenty of influence on the offseason moves as the team's head coach.

The Chiefs added six new players in the 2014 NFL Draft, including a pass rusher in the first round, Auburn LB Dee Ford. They've also signed some undrafted free agents with more to come this offseason. The Chiefs did not draft a receiver, which many thought was a big need.

Having Reid can be a huge advantage for the Chiefs if he can coach some of these players up. Not only that, but also developing players already in house.

So here we sit in May, after the NFL Draft. Do you approve of the job Andy Reid is doing as the Chiefs head coach?

March 2014: 93%
February 2014: 96%
January 2014: 93%
November 2013: 87%
October 2013: 98%
September 2013: 98%
August 2013: 94%
July 2013: 93%
June 2013: 93%
May 2013: 92%
April 2013: 86%
March 2013: 89%
January 2013: 89%

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