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Kansas City Chiefs post-NFL Draft approval poll: GM John Dorsey

Do you approve of the job John Dorsey is doing as the Kansas City Chiefs GM?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2014 NFL Draft, we ran our monthly approval poll asking our readers if they approved of the job John Dorsey is doing as the GM of the Kansas City Chiefs. He received a 78 percent approval rating, which wouldn't be bad if he were the President of the United States.

Here in Kansas City, the threshold for success is higher than that. Dorsey's 78 percent ranked as the lowest rating we've recorded for him since he took over in January 2014. Sure, there haven't been a lot of bad times in his tenure but it was notable that post-free agency and pre-draft, people were antsy about the Chiefs.

Now that the draft is done and over with, do your thoughts on Dorsey's job this offseason change?

I don't want to influence anyone's vote but personally I am feeling better about things after the draft. I'm content with the way the draft class looks on paper. It had more of a "drafting for the future" feel to it but, hey, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. The future is fine by me. Optimism seems to rise about this time of year, leading into training camp.

May 2014: 78%
March 2014: 80%
February 2014: 95%
January 2014: 96%
November 2013: 95%
October 2013: 97%
September 2013: 97%
August 2013: 92%
July 2013: 95%
June 2013: 94%
May 2013: 92%
April 2013: 89%
March 2013: 92%
January 2013: 88%

It's Game Time.

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