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Chiefs' De'Anthony Thomas wants No. 6

Kansas City Chiefs fourth round pick De'Anthony Thomas wore No. 6 in college. He says he wants to wear No. 6 in the NFL too.

Kevin Casey

Three days after the Kansas City Chiefs issued jersey numbers to their rookies, De'Anthony Thomas remains a man without a number. When the Chiefs announced everyone else's new numbers, they said DAT's would be coming soon.

You see, certain positions can only wear certain numbers in the NFL Running backs can wear any number between 20-49 while receivers can wear numbers 10-19 or 80-89. Those groupings don't include No. 6, which is apparently what DAT wants, his college number (and part of his Twitter name!).

Who wears No. 1-10? Quarterbacks, kickers and punters. DAT ain't no kicker or punter. It would be kinda cool if he were a quarterback though.

Who wears No. 6 on the Chiefs? Ryan Succop, the kicker.

The NFL numbering system seems kind of pointless. Players should be able to get whatever number they want. Some college players, such as DAT, are already on the national scene in college and already have an identity with a certain number entering the league. Reggie Bush and his No. 5 at USC comes to mind. In fact, Bush's situation may be the best solution here. He went from No. 5 at USC to No. 25 with the Saints.

If DAT is a running back, it appears that No. 36 and 46 are available. Sanders Commings is No. 26. If he's a receiver, No. 16 looks available (the undrafted players have numbers but I don't know what they are yet so it could be taken).

There are exceptions and scenarios where players have other numbers. Devin Hester starting his career as a cornerback and moving to receiver comes to mind. Same with Dexter McCluster, who was more of a running back coming into the league (No. 22) but really played receiver last season. So it's not like it can't happen.

I'm somewhat surprised how many people care about his number. Besides Twitter, I've had a few friends hit me up asking what number he's going to be. Somehow, DAT choosing a number will be the top story in KC that day.

Which jersey number will DAT wear? Put yours in the comments.

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