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Chiefs' Eric Berry says he has no reason to think about a trade

Speaking on the radio this week, KC Chiefs safety Eric Berry was asked about some of the trade talk around town.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It was April 12 when the Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger said that the Kansas City Chiefs should trade Eric Berry. This set off a conversation around the city about Eric Berry's value to the Chiefs.

I've said my piece. You've said yours. Now Berry, speaking on 810 WHB Wednesday morning, says his piece when asked about Mellinger's article.

"I don't really get into all that," Berry told the Border Patrol. "Everybody comes up with rumors and opinions. I feel like that's somebody's opinion. If I didn't hear it from the coaches or the GM I feel like they're straight forward enough to come to me and tell me about that if it was true. We talked about it and it wasn't.

"They actually came to me. I don't really pay attention to the news clippings and stuff like that but they came to me and told me, even before it came out and after it came out what it really was between us and them. All the stuff that was speculating, I wasn't really paying any attention to it."

Interesting that Berry says even before that article came out the Chiefs contacted him.

A little more: "I think those guys are the type of guys that would tell me and come to me so I don't really have a reason to think about a trade."

Sam wasn't trying to say the Chiefs will trade Berry; he was saying they should.

We've all said our piece on Berry but I wanted to make sure we all saw his side with these quotes.

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