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Chiefs' Andy Reid talks Dee Ford, Alex Smith, Tamba Hali and more

KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid went on 810 WHB on Tuesday talking about the Kansas City Chiefs 2014 draft picks, including Dee Ford and De'Anthony Thomas, as well as Alex Smith's contract talks and the report that Tamba Hali came in overweight. Listen to the interview here. Quotes from Reid are below.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Arrowhead crowd

  • "When they get rockin', it's a tough place to play for opponents and they had it going this year."

LB Dee Ford

  • "He'll work in some of our nickel packages. He's surrounded by some good people that will be willing to teach him, veteran players that have been Pro Bowl players."
  • "If he's Derrick Thomas, that's a great thing. That son of a gun could play. Time will tell on that."
  • "I don't relate [the Dee Ford pick] to Tamba Hali."

RB / WR De'Anthony Thomas

  • "He'll probably have more impact on special teams quicker than he will on the offense. He can't be here right now so that hurts a little bit as far as the introduction goes because Oregon is on the quarter system."

QB Aaron Murray

  • "I liked the fact that he made plays and he made plays in big games. He's a smart kid and good leader. He has all those intangibles you need at that quarterback position. He isn't the biggest guy, around 6'1 and 208-210 pounds. He had some productive years at Georgia and got a few of the honors that comes along with playing well against good competition. We feel the would be a fit in this offense. His offense was similar to this, it wasn't the spread offense you see colleges run, it's closer to what you do in the NFL."

OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

  • "When we were drafting him, he was delivering twins. Seriously, the guy is a doctor. I told our doc, this is going to be the first player-doctor combination we've had. Sharp guy, big kid close to 6'5 and 300-plus pounds, good flexibility, the whole deal. He just hasn't played a ton of football at this level."

G Zach Fulton

  • "Zach was one of the leaders of that Tennessee offensive line. They had a couple good players on that offensive line there, him being one of them. He'll have a chance to come in and compete at the guard position."

Alex Smith's contract talks

  • "Tom Condon is his agent and he's partial to the Kansas City Chiefs {as a former Chief). I keep reminding him of that. I'm sure that will get done in the near future."
  • "I don't know a timeline on this, I'm not sure any of us do."

Tamba Hali "overweight" report

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