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NFL Draft results: Georgia QB Aaron Murray to Kansas City Chiefs with 163rd pick

The KC Chiefs made their fourth selection of the 2014 NFL Draft, picking Georgia QB Aaron Murray in the fifth round.

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With the 163rd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select Georgia QB Aaron Murray. This is the KC Chiefs fourth draft pick of the weekend. They took Auburn LB Dee Ford in the first round, Rice CB Phillip Gaines in the third round and Oregon RB De'Anthony Thomas in the fourth round.

Murray is a VERY interesting pick. The Chiefs visited with Murray before the draft, which suggests they had some level of interest. The Chiefs are currently negotiating a long-term contract with the KC Chiefs so assuming it gets done Smith is the quarterback of the near future. And I doubt a fifth round pick has an affect on the Smith negotiations. Beyond that? Murray could be the guy if the Chiefs can develop him. Big if, obviously.

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The positives with him are that he is a four-year starter from Georgia with a ton of tape and games played. He has a good reputation and people say he's a hard worker. Seems pretty clean off the field. His offense at Georgia is a good fit for the Chiefs offense.

The downside is that he tore his ACL last November, which brings into questions about his current status. He's also just 6'1, which some (not Drew Brees) see as small for an NFL quarterback.

The Chiefs backup quarterback situation now gets very interesting. Chase Daniel is entering year two of a three-year contract. The third quarterback is Tyler Bray, a 2013 undrafted free agent. That's four quarterbacks and not many teams carry four quarterbacks.

Here are his Georgia stats:


Chiefs 2014 draft picks

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Round 1 (23) - Auburn LB Dee Ford
Round 2 (No pick)
Round 3 (87) - Rice CB Phillip Gaines
Round 4 (124) - Oregon RB De'Anthony Thomas
Round 5 (163) - Georgia QB Aaron Murray
Round 6 (193)
Round 6 (200)
Round 7 (No pick)

The Chiefs gave up their second round pick in the Alex Smith trade. They received theCowboys sixth round pick in last year's Edgar Jones trade while they traded away their seventh round pick in the same trade.

Chiefs draft grades

Day one

Day two

Today's draft schedule

*Times are Arrowhead Time (central)

Day: Saturday, May 10
Time: 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
TV: ESPN, NFL Network
Streaming: WatchESPNNFL Live

Five minutes per pick

John Dorsey will speak at the end of the seventh round.

It's Game Time.

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