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De'Anthony Thomas draft reactions: Snoop Dogg, Jamaal Charles, Chiefs scouts and others

The KC Chiefs fourth round pick, De'Anthony Thomas, drew reactions from Snoop Dogg, Jamaal Charles and others.

Kevin Casey

Jamaal Charles APPROVES of the Kansas City Chiefs fourth round pick, RB/WR De'Anthony Thomas out of Oregon. The KC Chiefs running back had this to say a few minutes after GM John Dorsey made the call to pick Thomas.

Thomas sends it right back to Charles.

I can't wait to see how the Chiefs are going to use Thomas. But think about how good Charles has been catching balls out of the backfield and around the line of scrimmage. Could Thomas be used in a similar role? Obviously, he's not replacing Charles but I do believe he could be effective in similar situations.

Also VERY IMPORTANT here is that Snoop Dogg gave Thomas the nickname of Black Momba.

Read our initial thoughts on the pick here.

More reactions of the Chiefs 124th pick, Oregon RB/WR De'Anthony Thomas, below...

Dexter McCluster replacement

Chargers fans: Not amused

Chiefs scout: World-class speed

Or should I say Olympic speed


Really, really quotable.

Watch the Chiefs scouts talk about Thomas.

More reactions

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