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How often did the Chiefs blitz? And how well did they do?

The KC Chiefs pass rush posted good overall numbers last season. Will they keep it up next season?

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting article over at Pro Football Focus on how often teams blitz and how well they do it.

In terms of how often teams blitzed, the Chiefs ranked 20th in the league, which surprised me a little.

When the Chiefs did blitz, they ranked 8th, according to Pro Football Focus's numbers (which they explain in the article).

When the Chiefs did not blitz, their pass rush was ranked 11th by Pro Football Focus.

Read all the numbers over at Pro Football Focus.

The Chiefs pass rush did level off last season after starting off on a tear but overall those numbers look like a fairly healthy pass rush. Rushing the passer well or covering the receivers well are the two big picture keys to stopping the pass. We know Chiefs fans feel the team can get better on the back end.

The Chiefs pass rush should be just about as good next season -- at least on paper. Vance Walker replaces Tyson Jackson at end while Justin Houston, Tamba Hali and Dontari Poe are all coming back. Houston and Poe are young enough that you could see them improving. Hali may have leveled off but he is still productive.

Since every conversation centers around the draft this year, this is where we wonder if the Chiefs should draft a pass rusher so someone is being groomed behind Hali. Should they?

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